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Speed Limit Reminder As Children Return To School

New Brake Survey Shows High Number Of Drivers Breaking The Law


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Specialist serious injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell have reacted to a ‘worrying’ new survey from Brake and Direct Line that suggests more than 25% of drivers speed in areas designed to keep children safe.

The firms’ road safety specialists feel the survey shows that “far too many motorists are running a serious risk of causing a life-changing injury at a time when they should be adopting a safety first approach when driving near schools.”

Brake’s survey shows that 40% of drivers admit they sometimes travel at 30mph or more where there is a limit of 20mph. 26% of drivers say they do this at least once a month and 21% admit to driving much faster than the 20mph speed limit on a weekly basis.

20mph zones and areas are in the vicinity of schools and homes where many children will be regularly walking and cycling.

Irwin Mitchell have been running their #SaferJourneys campaign for over a year with the aim of reducing the number of accidents on the road through a joined-up and sensible approach to safety.

Serious injury and road safety specialist Claire Newstead, supports Brake’s campaign to raise awareness and feels it’s vital that motorists stay safe and stick to the limits.    

Expert Opinion
“It’s surprising to see such a large percentage of motorists admitting to breaking the law and putting innocent people’s lives at risk by speeding in areas which have a reduced limit for a clear reason.

“The survey reinforces the importance of a sensible, switched on and safety first approach when driving in 20mph zones where many young children are returning to school.

“Whilst schools and parents must play their part in keeping everyone safe, drivers must stick to the limit and remember why it’s there in the first place.

“Drivers need to be vigilant around this time of year when many children are starting school for the first time. Through the work we do, we’ve seen tragic incidents happen when a motorist knowingly speeds or simply has a sudden lack of concentration and the result of this can be life-changing for so many people.

“We regularly work with Brake, who do a fantastic job in raising awareness of the importance of road safety, especially when the dark nights start to draw in.

“Our #SaferJourneys campaign targets pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, motorbike riders, lorry drivers and challenges all road users to work together to reduce accidents and keep everyone safe.”
Claire Newstead, Partner

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