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Family’s Holiday ‘Ruined’ After Illness At Notorious Egyptian Hotel

Irwin Mitchell Instructed To Investigate Cause Of Illness At Hotel in the Red Sea


Specialist travel lawyers have launched an investigation into conditions at an Egyptian resort after a family’s holiday was ruined by gastric illness, which left one of the family requiring medical treatment.

Alan Wallace, 49, wife Catherine, 46, and their daughter Rachael, aged 6, from Bishopbriggs in Glasgow travelled to the popular Holiday Village Red Sea resort in Sharm El Sheikh for their two week vacation on 19 June 2015 after booking with TUI UK Limited trading as First Choice Holidays and Flights Limited.

Unfortunately, Alan began feeling unwell during the first week of their holiday, with symptoms of diarrhoea, vomiting, stomach pains and a fever.

The father-of-one became dehydrated and his blood pressure fell resulting in him needing treatment from the resort doctor on more than one occasion. Alan was also placed on a drip twice and prescribed medication.

Although his condition slowly improved over the following weeks, Alan, who lost a stone and a half in weight, was still suffering from symptoms of the gastric illness including weakness, lethargy, an upset stomach and loss of appetite on his return home to the UK.

International personal injury experts from law firm, Irwin Mitchell, have now been asked to look into the notorious Holiday Village Red Sea resort by the family.

The specialist lawyers say the complaints from the Wallace family echo those made by numerous holidaymakers after their holidays were ruined by outbreaks of illness at the same resort in 2009 and between 2011 and 2013. Irwin Mitchell has successfully secured settlements for the holidaymakers in these claims.

The International Travel Litigation team at Irwin Mitchell has represented clients who suffered from various serious infections such as Cryptosporidium, Salmonella and Shigella when staying at the resort.

As well as some complaints about substandard and undercooked food at the hotel, some guests have complained about having to endure acute pain and discomfort over a prolonged period including sickness, diarrhoea and severe stomach cramps.

Specialist international personal injury expert at Irwin Mitchell, Jennifer Mullins, representing the Wallace family, said:

Expert Opinion
“It is important to investigate the conditions at the resort to determine if any lessons can be learnt to reduce the risk of more guests falling ill again at the resort.

“Given the history this resort has in terms of holidaymakers falling ill during their stays, we were very concerned to hear about the gastric illness which Alan contracted during his holiday at the Holiday Village Red Sea resort.

“The fact that he suffered such a weight loss and continued to suffer symptoms even after he returned to the UK shows the impact that serious gastric illness can have on a person’s health.

“Following our instruction, we are now commencing our own investigations into the problems that our clients faced and, as part of that, we would be keen to hear from anyone who may have further information about standards and hygiene levels at the resort, who may be able to assist with our investigations.”
Jennifer Mullins, Solicitor

Alan told his legal team that the food was unappetising and that the cold food served was not adequately chilled. On occasions he also saw flies in the restaurant. Alan also told his lawyers that the hotel room was substandard as he noticed issues such as the air conditioning unit leaking and on one occasion the door to the living room and the balcony fell off and the curtain rail came down.

Alan, a painter and decorator, said: “We’d been looking forward to our summer holiday all year and just two days in, it was ruined.

“Not only was I seriously unwell, but my wife and young daughter had to go through the stress and anxiety of seeing me so ill that I had to be put on a drip. It ruined their holiday as well.

“It is shocking to find out that despite people making complaints about this hotel before our stay there holidaymakers are still falling ill whilst staying at the resort and lessons are clearly not being learned.”

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