French Insurers Admit Liability After Cyclist Seriously Injured By Van During Holiday in Brittany

Specialist Lawyers Secure Admission Of Liability From French Insurers


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Expert international personal injury lawyers have obtained an admission of liability for a man from the West Midlands who was struck by a van while riding his bicycle during a family holiday in France and are continuing to pursue a claim in order to secure funds needed for his treatment and rehabilitation.

Christopher Brophy, 47, from Sutton Coldfield, was struck by a vehicle on 20 August 2015 during a week-long family holiday in Brittany, France, with his wife Jacqueline, 41, and his two sons, aged 11 and 13.

The vehicle, which was travelling in the same direction as Christopher, struck him and dragged him under the vehicle, causing severe injuries.

Expert international personal injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell were instructed initially to pursue a claim on Christopher’s behalf with the aim of securing him the funds he needs to continue his physiotherapy and rehabilitation as he looks to overcome his injuries.

Shortly after receiving instructions the law firm secured an admission of liability from the insurers of the van’s driver.

Following the accident, Christopher was rushed to hospital in Brest, where he was diagnosed with a fractured pelvis, which required surgery, nine broken ribs, a fracture right wrist, cracked vertebrae, lacerations and abrasions across his body.

He spent three weeks in hospital in Brest, where he also developed infections in the abrasions on his right forearm and began to display psychological symptoms, such as hallucinations, nightmares related to the accident and issues with concentration.

Father-of-two Christopher was airlifted back to the UK and taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, where he remained for a further five weeks and underwent a second operation on his fractured pelvis.

Since returning to the UK, Christopher has been signed off work for six months and has been forced to live downstairs in his home as his injuries make it difficult for him to move around his home as he used to.

Mutuelle de Poitiers, the French insurers of the driver who struck Christopher, has admitted liability for the collision and the injuries suffered.

Joseph Dawson, an expert international injury lawyer at Irwin Mitchell, who represents Christopher, said:

Expert Opinion
“Christopher suffered very serious and life-changing injuries in the accident and faces a very long road to recovery that will require physiotherapy and rehabilitation services.

“As well as his physical injuries that he suffered, the psychological trauma has remained with him and it is something he is struggling to come to terms with. The experience was also extremely traumatic for his wife, who arrived at the scene shortly afterwards and was understandably distraught when he was rushed to hospital in Brest.

“Thankfully, Christopher has now been discharged from hospital and is beginning his recovery. The insurers of the driver have admitted liability for the incident and the injuries Christopher suffered, and we are now working with them to reach a fair settlement that will enable Christopher to access the rehabilitation and physiotherapy he now needs, and to compensate him for the pain and suffering he has endured and the financial hardship caused by not being able to work.

“We hope we will be able to reach a fair settlement that will allow Christopher to access the help he needs and enable him to focus completely on his recovery and getting his life back on track.”
Joseph Dawson, Solicitor

Christopher, an accountant, said: “The accident just happened so quickly. One minute I was cycling along the road, the next I was being dragged along the road by a vehicle that had struck me from behind.

“I remember the instant pain and my wife arriving at the scene before I was taken to hospital. The accident has had a huge impact on me, both physically and mentally, and I’m struggling to come to terms with what has happened to me.

“I have been signed off work for six months and have been forced to completely change my living arrangements at home due to my injuries, and I know I face a long road to recovery and a prolonged spell of physiotherapy.

“I am relieved that with the help of my legal team at Irwin Mitchell the driver’s insurers have admitted liability for the incident and hope that I will soon be able to put this horrendous ordeal behind me and focus on getting my life back on track and making progress.”

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