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Khyber Pass Takeaway E.Coli Outbreak: Concerns Raised For Victims

Lawyers Are Concerned About The Long Term Consequences For Victims Of Outbreak


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Specialist Public Health lawyers are concerned that victims of a major Enteroinvasive E. coli (EIEC) outbreak, caused by the owners of the Khyber Pass takeaway in Nottingham, may suffer long term symptoms as a result of the illness they suffered. 

EIEC is extremely rare and so severe that this outbreak was only the second recorded case in Europe. The bacteria is only found in the human gut and investigations concluded that the 142 customers who were taken ill after eating from the Khyber Pass takeaway had eaten food that was contaminated with human faeces.

Amjad Bhatti and Mohammed Basit pleaded guilty to the offences and were both given four month suspended prison sentences, as well as being ordered to pay £200 in compensation to each victim.
The owners admitted in Court that their staff did not wash their hands when using the toilet, and it was also revealed that nine of the 12 employees who handled food at the Khyber Pass, in Hyson Green, were found to have traces of the bacteria on their hands.

The judge said: “If you make money by supplying cooked food to members of the public, you owe a real duty of care to ensure that people will not be made unwell by your disregard for food safety and hygiene regulations. This is not simply red tape that you have failed to comply with.”

Professor Hugh Pennington, a world leading microbiologist commented: “I agree with the Judge in this case - red tape is the term often used by people who cut corners and ignore common sense rules that are there to protect the public”.

Irwin Mitchell’s expert Public Health team is concerned that the illnesses suffered by those affected may have a lasting impact on their lives for which £200 in compensation is wholly inadequate.

The Public Health team at Irwin Mitchell has represented thousands of clients who have suffered serious health issues as a result of illness outbreaks arising from bacterial infections including E.coli, salmonella and cryptosporidium, in the UK and abroad, including those linked to restaurants and takeaways.

Irwin Mitchell currently represents people who suffered E-coli after eating meat sold by Robinson’s Butchers in the North East and those who contracted the bacteria after attending the Newcastle Spice Festival in 2013.

Expert Opinion
“The hygiene offences committed by staff at the Khyber Pass takeaway shows a complete lack of regard to food safety and hygiene regulations. Furthermore, their lack of regard for such regulations put their customers’ health at risk.

“We’ve seen far too many cases over the years when people have been affected by illnesses which could and should have been avoided. E. Coli is a particularly serious illness that as well as causing uncomfortable symptoms, can cause vulnerable victims, such as children and older people, to develop further complications which blight them in the long term.

“It is vital that, where possible, lessons are learned from this case to ensure that the hygiene problems particularly on this shocking scale are simply not repeated again.

“We would like to hear from anyone who has been affected to get in touch as they may be able to help with our investigations.”
Amandeep Dhillon, Partner

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