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Royal Shrewsbury Hospital ‘Admits Asbestos Problems’

Legal Experts React After Concerns Raised Regarding Management Of Deadly Material


Specialist lawyers acting for victims of asbestos-related disease have urged that lessons are learned after failings were identified regarding the handling of concerns related to the material at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital.

The BBC reports that the hospital has confirmed it failed to properly handle a worker’s claims in 2012 that asbestos panels were damaged, with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) now investigating if anyone was exposed to the material as a result.

The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust is also examining of concerns including that contractors were able to enter a unit following the disturbance of asbestos materials and that a potential case of exposure was not reported.

The NHS Trust added that steps had been taken to ensure a “much more robust approach to asbestos management” was in place.

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Expert Opinion
“The concerns raised regarding the handling of the reports related to asbestos are clearly very serious and it is vital that the HSE continues its work to investigate if anyone was ultimately exposed to the material.

“We have seen a huge number of cases in which people have gone on to develop very serious conditions after being exposed to asbestos, often many years after the initial exposure.

“Further to this, While the material is so often linked in industrial environments more and more cases are emerging when exposure has happened in public buildings such as schools, hospitals and council buildings.

“In the absence of a complete removal of the asbestos, which is always the safest course of action, proper management of asbestos is absolutely vital to ensuring that people do not face the risk of exposure.”
Iain Shoolbred, Senior Associate

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