Germanwings Airbus A320 – Aviation Law Specialists Discuss Tragedy With Media

Experts Interviewed By Media Including Reuters Regarding Crash


Specialist aviation lawyers at Irwin Mitchell have been approached by national and international media to provide expert comment and insight regarding the tragic Germanwings Airbus A320 crash in the French Alps this week.

Both former RAF pilot and partner, Jim Morris, and Head of International Personal Injury and Aviation Law, Clive Garner, have been quoted by media including the Daily Mail, The Guardian and international news agency Reuters regarding the tragedy and the legal implications of the incident.

Speaking to media earlier in the week, Jim Morris discussed the aircraft model’s safety record outlining to City AM: “There are thousands of A320s used around the world and they have a good safety record considering how many there are and how many flight miles they have done.”

Following further reports of the cause of the tragedy, Clive Garner was quoted by Reuters, The Guardian and other media about what this meant in terms of legal redress and securing financial support for the affected families.

He outlined that Under article 21 of the Montreal Convention of 1999, it was likely that Germanwings would be unable to establish a defence to legal action by the families of the passengers and would therefore have to compensate the families of passengers who had lost their lives without financial limit.

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