Death Toll Rises On North Yorkshire Roads

Increase In Motorcyclist Fatalities


The death toll on North Yorkshire's roads has risen significantly since 2011, latest figures reveal, with a 65% increase in the number of fatal accidents on the 5,000-mile network.

The Yorkshire Post reports that 51 people died in 2013, compared with 31 in 2011, while the number of motorcyclists killed rose to 16. Police have said that bikers coming to the county from nearby are often unfamiliar with the area's weaving roads.

Although provision fatality figures for 2014 suggest a year-on-year reduction in the number of deaths on the roads, Deputy Chief Constable Tim Madgwick of North Yorkshire Police said the level remains too high and excess speed is a factor in most serious collisions.

North Yorkshire County Council's Corporate Director for Business and Environmental Services David Bowe added: “We are increasingly hearing the majority of motorcyclists condemning and dissociating themselves from the few who ride dangerously and at extreme speeds ... This makes that majority more receptive to information and advice from us and the resistant remainder are dealt with by the police.”

Expert Opinion
“Any measures that can reduce the number of serious injuries and fatalities on the roads should be considered and implemented where practical, in a bid to reduce the number of people impacted by accidents on North Yorkshire’s roads.

“It is vital all road users take responsibility for their actions and ensure they remain vigilant at all times, whether behind the wheel, or riding motorcycles and bicycles, as a split second loss of concentration can have devastating consequences.”
Cathryn Godfrey, Associate

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