Cycling Investment Included In Infrastructure Bill

Move Called A 'Turning Point In Cycling'


Andrew Robinson, Press Officer | 0113 218 6463
A proposed amendment to the Infrastructure Bill that would see an inclusion of a Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy was approved today, in a move that cycling organisations have called a ‘turning point’.

Department of Transport minister John Hayes said of the amendment: “It would be ironic to have a road investment strategy without having a walking and cycling strategy alongside it.” Research from the CTC suggested that increased cycle use would contribute £248bn to the economy by 2050.

The amendment’s inclusion was thanks to lobbying from many cycling groups, including Sustrans, Campaign to Protect Rural England, CTC, Living Streets and Campaign for Better Transport. Health lobby organisation The Richmond Group also helped to convince MPs.

The campaign was also backed by a number of MPs, including Dr Julian Huppert, the MP for Cambridge.

Roger Geffen, CTC Campaign and Policy Director, was pleased with the outcome, but admitted that more work is to be done to get the parties to commit to funding after the election. He said: “Credit must be given to the Government backing of it, MPs such as Dr Julian Huppert who fought so hard for it, and the thousands of people who worked so hard to make this happen.

“Now is no time for resting on our laurels. With the general election only months away CTC will be looking to secure commitments of how much funding each party would put into the investment strategy.”

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Expert Opinion
We welcome the inclusion of the Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy within the Infrastructure Bill, as the provision of safe roads and infrastructure designed to benefit cyclists is vital and will go a long way to reducing the number of serious injuries suffered by cyclists on the UK’s roads.

“We would like to congratulate all those who campaigned for the inclusion of this matter in the Infrastructure Bill, including Cambridge’s MP, Dr Huppert, who has been committed to this movement for some time.”

“It is now important that investment is increased in cycling infrastructure, including safer cycle paths, junction improvements, road-widening and low level traffic lights, to improve road safety for vulnerable road users, such as cyclists.”
Andrew Robinson, Press Officer