Cook Trading Ltd Recalls Frozen Ready Meals Over Plastic Fragment Concerns

FSA Product Recall Information Notice Has Been Issued


Cook Trading Ltd has recalled a number of its own-brand frozen ready meals over concerns they may contain small fragments of coloured plastic.

A Food Standards Agency (FSA) Product Recall Information Notice has been displayed in stores selling the products and the company has put a notice about the recall of the products on their website. 

The products involved in the recall include Red Thai Chicken Curry, Thai Butternut Squash Soup, Yellow Malaysian Fish Curry and a number of other frozen meals. A full list of recalled products is available on the FSA’s website.

Consumers have been advised to return the products to stores from which they purchased them for a full refund or replacement.

Expert Opinion
It is worrying to learn of these concerns and we welcome the swift action taken by the FSA and Cook Trading Ltd to inform consumers and retailers of the problem.

"It is important that a full investigation is carried out to understand how fragments of plastic may have ended up in frozen meals supplied by the company.

"The health and safety of consumers should always come first and it is important that people are reassured that the issue has been resolved and future products will not be affected.”
Amandeep Dhillon, Partner