Humberside Police Urge Motorists To Wear Seatbelts After Stopping 250 Drivers In A Month

Road Safety Week Urges Road Users To Look Out For Each Other


Humberside Police have revealed the force caught over 250 motorists and more than 20 passengers not wearing a seatbelt during a month-long awareness initiative in the region.

The figures have been revealed at the start of Brake’s Road Safety Week in a bid to encourage road users to take their responsibility for safety seriously and to look out for other road users.

Chief Constable Suzette Davenport, of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), told media that the Brake campaign is a great opportunity for police forces around the country to deliver important safety messages to drivers and other road users.

According to the Hull Daily Mail, two passengers under the age of 13 were caught not wearing a seatbelt.

Road safety charity Brake recently indicated that fixed penalties for careless driving or speeding are issued every seven minutes in the Yorkshire and Humber regions.

Expert Opinion
It is extremely concerning that so many motorists and passengers are failing to wear a seatbelt while travelling in a vehicle, particularly the young people found not wearing safety belts, as they are particularly vulnerable during a collision.

“Through our work we regularly see the impact road collisions can have on those involved, as well as the friends and families of victims. It is vital the activities in Humberside are repeated around the county and drivers are made aware of their responsibility for road safety.”
Cathryn Godfrey, Associate

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