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Brain Injury Survivor Continues Rehabilitation After Car Crash By Completing Inca Trail

Rugby Man Speaks Of Remarkable Recovery To Raise Awareness Of Road Safety Week


A Rugby man who suffered extensive brain injuries when his car was struck by a lorry in 2006 has made a remarkable recovery to take on the Inca Trail in Peru, thanks to a programme of specialist rehabilitation services.

Adrian Wright was left with orthopaedic, abdominal and brain injuries, which included memory loss, an inability to begin tasks, interacting cognitive, emotional and physical impairments and increased levels of depression and anxiety after the accident.

Since the collision in 2006 Adrian has undertaken years of rehabilitation and treatment at the Oliver Zangwill Centre in Cambridgeshire. Serious Injury lawyer Matt Brown from Irwin Mitchell was able to secure him a significant settlement in the shape of a lump sum and annual payments to cover the costs of his care and rehabilitation.

Due to the injuries suffered by Adrian in the accident, his settlement is managed and handled by Irwin Mitchell’s Court of Protection team to ensure that the funds and are used appropriately and last for Adrian’s lifetime.

Now on Road Safety Week – a charity initiative organised by Brake - Adrian is seeking to raise awareness of a network he has set up with his full-time support worker Ben O’Malley. The Monkey-Box Model of Support, an approach based on the principle that a progressive routine focused on health and fitness, is the key to continued success.

Through the organisation Adrian has continued his road to recovery and recently completed the 28-mile Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru alongside Ben, overcoming the difficult terrain during a four-day trek. 

Adrian said: “The years immediately after my accident were the most horrific of my life as I struggled to come to terms with my injuries and the fact my life would never be the same again. However, through the settlement achieved by Irwin Mitchell I was able to begin the long road to recovery.

I have now dedicated my life to personal fitness and ensuring others have the opportunity to follow the same path I have. Through my approach to fitness I have taken on challenges I didn’t think were possible after my accident, such as the Coventry Half Marathon and taking part in CrossFit events around the country.

My recent completion of the Inca Trail is my greatest achievement since the accident as I had to take on my nemesis - stairs - as well as coping with my limited eyesight over rough terrain and while walking along cliff tops.

I just hope my experience in the last eight years is a wake-up call for drivers who should realise they have people’s lives in their hands when they are out on the roads. Road Safety Week is an important campaign and hopefully it will alert drivers of their responsibility for the health and safety of themselves and others.”

Joanna Grewer, an Associate Solicitor in the Court of Protection team at Irwin Mitchell’s Birmingham office, who assists him, said:
Expert Opinion
Adrian suffered horrendous head injuries in the collision and the subsequent problems he developed impacted how he lived his day-to-day life.

“Our job in the Court of Protection team is to ensure that we manage the settlement funds to continue to support Adrian on his road to recovery and to live his life as independently as possible.

“The progress he has made is a fantastic example of the importance of good long-term rehabilitation services, while also highlighting the impact road collisions can have on the lives of victims.

“To complete the Inca Trail is an unbelievable achievement and something many didn’t think would be possible in the immediate aftermath of the crash. He is an inspiration to other serious injury victims and we hope by raising awareness of his story on Road Safety Week, others in a similar situation will realise that they too can achieve great things.”
Joanna Grewer, Partner

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