Gloucestershire Light Aircraft Crash Leaves Two Injured

Casualties Hospitalised Following Incident


Investigations are continuing into a light aircraft crash in the Over area of Gloucester in which two people were injured.

Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service has revealed that firefighters from its Gloucester North, South and Cheltenham East bases attended the scene of the crash yesterday afternoon (March 4th), with reports stating a person was trapped.

However, it was confirmed that both casualties were outside of the plane before crews arrived.

A man was taken to Gloucestershire Royal Hospital by land ambulance following the crash, while a woman was taken to Frenchay Hospital in Bristol via air ambulance.

Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service said its crew were on the scene for around an hour.

Expert Opinion
It is very concerning to hear of an aircraft crash close to the city of Gloucester. There is limited information available, so it is hoped that the air accident investigators will be able to quickly identify the chain of events that lead to this accident and publish an accident report.

"In our experience of representing the victims of light aircraft crashes throughout the world, it is possible that the aircraft was not fitted with a Flight Data Recorder (FDR), meaning that the evidence available for the investigators could be much more limited.

"To identify what went wrong, they will need to examine a range of factors, including the actions of the pilot and any radio transmissions, any technical or mechanical issues evident from the wreckage which may have played a part and also other external issues such as weather conditions at the time.

"Once the causes are known, lessons can be learned to help improve the flight safety of light aircraft operations."
Jim Morris, Partner