New Figures Show Recorded Sexual Offences 'Up 20%'

Sexual Offences Reported To The Police Increased By 20% In The Year To March


The number of sexual offences recorded by the police has increased by 20 per cent in the year to March, according to newly released figures.

Police recorded 64,000 sexual offences in the 12 months to March 2014. The statistics showed that reports of rape had risen by 27 per cent, which is the highest level recorded for more than ten years, while other types of sexual crime rose by 17 per cent in the same period.

Analysts have attributed much of the increase in reported sex crimes to the publicity of the Jimmy Savile scandal and the commencement of Operation Yewtree, which has resulted in a number of people coming forward to report historic sexual offences.

The investigation has also had a wider impact, whereby more victims of sexual offences are prepared to come forward and report crimes committed against them.

Expert Opinion
Part of the rise in the number of sexual offences being reported is due to the publicity from the Operation Yewtree investigation and the number of high-profile figures who have been found guilty of historic sexual offences.

“It can be extremely difficult for victims of sexual offences to seek help due to feelings of fear, shame and embarrassment. These figures suggest more and more people are feeling able to come forward about what they have endured, safe in the knowledge that their voices will be heard.

“These crimes have a long-lasting impact on the victims and their family and friends, making it imperative that these people get the counselling and support they need and deserve to overcome their experience.”
Tom Fletcher, Associate

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