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IAM Warns Drivers About Adverse Road Conditions

Britain's Top Advanced Driver Offers Safety Tips To Motorists


The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has warned drivers to be extra careful when travelling in adverse weather conditions in the coming weeks.

Excessive rainfall and strong winds have made many of the UK's motorways, dual carriageways and minor roads extremely hazardous.

With more storm warnings being issued, Britain's top advanced driver Peter Rodger has urged people to be vigilant.

"A suddenly very wet road surface increases the chances of slipping when braking or steering, which is a problem not just for motorists, but cyclists and motorcyclists too," he commented.

"When driving in wet conditions remember that stopping distances will increase, and visibility will be reduced. Drop your speed and give yourself more time to slow down.”

Some regions have been severely flooded in the past few weeks and Mr Rodger has advised motorists who are stuck in deep water not to panic.

He said drivers should never take their foot off the accelerator, as this can allow water into the exhaust pipe and they should gently tap their brakes when they emerge from a flood to ensure they are still working.

The north-west of England has been hit by very strong gales this week and Mr Rodger believes it is vital that people plan their journeys more carefully when wind speeds are high.

He instructed vehicle owners to give pedestrians and cyclists more room than usual and to keep a firm grip on the steering wheel at all times, as it is easy for sudden gusts to affect the movement and direction of a car.

Earlier this month, IAM director of policy and research Neil Greig said the latest figures published by the Department for Transport - which highlighted a downturn in the number of road casualties in the UK in the year ending September 2013 - were welcome.

The statistics showed that 1,730 people were killed during the 12-month period, which was a two per cent drop on the previous year. There was also a six per cent fall in the number of serious injuries caused by road accidents. 

However, accident rates tend to rise during the winter months and the IAM wants motorists to be extra cautious in the coming weeks.

Expert Opinion
We certainly support what the IAM are saying. The weather across recent weeks has caused some serious issues for a huge number of people, including motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

“When adverse weather conditions strike we must become more vigilant to road safety especially with reducing braking times and keeping to the speed limits.

"Accidents happened on the road due to all manner of circumstances including the weather and unfortunately we have seen the impact that injuries sustained can have on people’s lives. We work to help them gain access to vital treatment and rehabilitation to allow them to recover as quickly as possible.

“It is pleasing to read the number of people killed in road casualties has reduced along with the number of serious injuries. If road users keep vigilant to the adverse conditions, hopefully these statistics will reduce even further throughout the year.”
Stephen Nye, Partner

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