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Young Boy Suffers Horror Attack By Dog

Child Recovers After Ear Severed During Family Visit


A four-year-old boy from Kent has had to have an ear sewn back on after being savaged by a dog at a home on Merseyside.

David House was attacked by a Japanese Akita when his family was visiting friends in Litherland, near Liverpool.

This left him not only having his ear severed, but also suffering cuts to his face and the top of his head, with the creature's teeth reaching through to the bone in his skull.

The youngster was treated at Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool, for two days before he was released. His father, David Snr, said that he was coping well after his ordeal, commenting: "He had stitches to his face and head. On the top of his head the bite had gone right down to the bone and he had to have stitches to three layers of skin.

"He is on heavy painkillers but he is absolutely fine, although he will be scarred on the top of his head."
Mr House added that his son was not intimidated by the dog because the family has two canines at home and he is used to being around them. However, he noted, the Akita may not have been used to children and this could have prompted it to act as it did.

After the incident, Merseyside Police revealed they had spoken to the owner and warned him not to allow the dog near children. However, the animal has not been destroyed.

Concerns over the dangers to children and other members of the public posed by some dogs led to legislation such as the Dangerous Dogs Act in the 1990s, which saw some breeds banned altogether.

However, dog attacks remain frequent, with figures published by the government in 2012 stating that 210,000 people were being attacked by dogs per year in England alone, with 4,000 of these happening to postal workers trying to deliver mail.


Katrina Elsey, who specialises in dog bite claims at Irwin Mitchell, said: “This boy suffered nasty injuries as a result of being attacked by a dog. Dog bite injuries can have devastating effects, very often leaving not only scarring but psychological injuries which causes a huge amount of distress for victims.

“We welcome the recent closure of a loophole that means owners of dogs that attack individuals on their own property can be prosecuted but we continue to call for further steps to be taken to improve safety standards. 

“We would particularly urge the Government to consider the introduction of compulsory licensing and insurance for owners, which would ensure any victims of attacks would get justice in relation to any injuries they suffer.”

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured by a dog bite or in a dog attack, our serious injury solicitors could help you claim compensation. Visit our Dog Bite Compensation Claims page for more information.

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