Lawyers Reveal Concerns Regarding Easyjet Emergency Landing At Gatwick

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Aviation lawyers acting for victims who suffered physical and psychological trauma following in-flight smoke incidents have revealed their concerns after an Easyjet Airbus A320 was forced to make an emergency landing at Gatwick Airport on August 28th.

The flight from Liverpool at 06.40am was on its way to Naples when it was diverted to the London airport after smoke was detected in the cockpit. Reports have suggested the pilot landed the plane while wearing an oxygen mask.

More than 150 passengers were on the flight and Easyjet confirmed in a statement that the plane landed safely with all of those on board kept safe throughout the incident.

The airline also confirmed that the plane was being inspected, while steps were being taken to ensure that passengers reached Naples.

Jim Morris, a former RAF pilot and Partner in Irwin Mitchell's Aviation Law team, represents passengers who have suffered physical and psychological trauma as a result of emergency landings and evacuations, as well as in-flight incidents.

The team notably acts for passengers injured in smoke and fume-related incidents on Thomas Cook and Jet 2 flights in October 2010 as well as a Thomas Cook cabin smoke emergency diversion to Bermuda in April 2013.

Expert Opinion
Very little is so far known regarding the circumstances of this incident, but all of those on board will be keen for more information and answers regarding the issues which this flight has faced.

"The seriousness of issues in which smoke has been detected in the cockpit or cabin should not be underestimated, as any indication of combustion or overheating is a serious in-flight emergency.

"It is vital that the aircraft operator and aviation authorities work to provide answers regarding what has happened in this case, with the ultimate aim of learning lessons and continuing to improve flight safety."
Jim Morris, Partner