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16 Serious Incidents Highlighted At Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

One Patient Had A Kidney Mistakenly Removed


A number of wrongful surgeries were carried out by medical professionals at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust in May and June, according to a new report.

The Trust recorded 16 serious incidents in the period, including one incident where doctors removed a woman’s kidney after mistaking it for an ectopic pregnancy. The surgeon failed to review the patient’s previous scan which showed a pelvic kidney and mistakenly removed the structure.

Following the incident, staff were reminded of the latest guidance for treating the condition and a meeting was held to discuss the failings that occurred.

An outbreak of MRSA among new mothers was also recorded, while two patients were given adrenaline overdoses.

Chief medical officer Dr Yvette Oade, who wrote the report, said the number of serious incidents taking place at the Trust has increased since 2013. She noted that the rise may indicate improved reporting and monitoring cultures.

Investigations were carried out into all the incidents highlighted in the report and the Trust has implemented new measures to prevent them occurring in the future.

Expert Opinion
These incidents of wrongful surgery and serious care failings taking place at facilities under the control of Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust are extremely worrying and simply should not happen.

“Patient care should always be a top priority and it is key the Trust takes action to reassure the public that measures have been implemented to address the serious failings highlighted in the report to ensure standards are improved and these incidents are not repeated.

“Through our work we have seen numerous cases where poor standards of care and a failure to follow procedure have led to devastating consequences for patients.”
Rachelle Mahapatra, Partner

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