Patient Safety Report Reveals ‘Shocking’ Incident Figures In East Sussex Hospitals

Expert Lawyer Calls For Urgent Improvements To Be Made


A report into patient safety at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (ESHNT) has revealed nearly 3,000 incidents in a six month period and seven of which proved fatal in one hospital alone.

A total of 2,867 incidents were recorded between October 1 last year and March 31 in the Organisation Patient Safety Incident Report.

It revealed 912 people suffered harm as result of their care under ESHNT which runs the Eastbourne District General Hospital and the Conquest Hospital in Hastings.

The incidents were noted by trust staff and rated for the degree of harm they caused with 1,948 resulting in no harm, 623 a low degree of harm, 261 a moderate degree and 28 severe harm.

The incidents involved everything from medical equipment to staffing levels and clinical assessments to implementation of care.

Expert Opinion
These results are shocking and show the need for urgent action to be taken by the Trust to protect patient safety.

“The figures found in this report of serious incidents are far higher than we would expect and the reasons for this must be investigated thoroughly and acted upon to prevent the same errors from happening again.

“Patient safety must remain the top priority for NHS Trusts across the UK in all areas of practice to ensure the amount of serious incidents occurring is reduced to make the NHS safer for the millions of people that rely on its services.”
Lisa Jordan, Partner

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