Concrete Finisher Receives Compensation Following Accident At Work

Irwin Mitchell’s workplace injuries team has helped a man claim compensation after he was injured at work.
Our client was employed as a concrete finisher and was undertaking work in a multi-storey car park.  He was working in a stairwell, scabbling the floor area in preparation for the self-levelling compound while wearing gloves made of rubber and fabric. When he was striking the concrete with the scotch hammer, he felt a sharp pain in his left thumb. Having taken his glove off, he saw that his thumb was bleeding. There was a hole in the glove over the wound and a piece of metal had come off the scotch hammer and struck his thumb. The fragment had severed the tendons and our client subsequently underwent surgery to remove the steel.
Following the incident he contacted our workplace injuries team to discuss making a compensation claim. With our assistance he received an out of court settlement in the sum of £3,900.

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