Grandfather Awarded £184,000 Following Exposure to Asbestos At Work

Specialist lawyers from Irwin Mitchell’s workplace illness team have successfully claimed £184,000 compensation for a 71 year old grandfather of five who was diagnosed with an asbestos related cancer called mesothelioma.
Our client’s symptoms started in August 2011 and unfortunately, his results were poor and he was told that he only had a few months to live. It was very important to our client that he knew his wife would be financially secure after his death, so he instructed Irwin Mitchell to pursue a legal claim immediately against the companies who exposed him to asbestos.
Our client was originally employed by Rochdale MBC in the late 1960s and 70s as a Clerk of Works. He was repeatedly exposed to high levels of asbestos dust and fibres when he worked alongside joiners cutting sheets of asbestolux. He also worked alongside engineers unrolling asbestos blankets, which released dust into the atmosphere around him which he could not avoid inhaling. During this time he did not receive any health or safety training about the dangers of asbestos exposure and the deteriorating effects it can have.
His second exposure to asbestos was when he working for R and T Howarth as an apprentice bricklayer. Unfortunately R and T Howarth are no longer a trading company so the insurers could not be contacted despite extensive searches.  However, Irwin Mitchell were able to secure 100% of his compensation from Rochdale MBC.
Katrina London, a specialist in mesothelioma from Irwin Mitchell, took on the claim immediately and worked quickly to gather all the evidence to get the best result for our client and his wife who also had health issues. These health issues were a controversial part of the claim because she required her husband’s help and support who she would lose shortly. This was all taken into consideration and included in the compensation that was achieved within 9 months of Katrina taking on the case.
Katrina London said: “I feel relieved that we were able to reach a successful conclusion for our client so quickly. He was an extremely deserving client and in this position through no fault of his own. He was given no warning about working with asbestos.”

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