Four Figure Payout For Lady Injured In Tesco Supermarket Mansfield

Four Figure Sum For Lady Injured In Tesco Supermarket Mansfield

Irwin Mitchell Solicitors have assisted a woman recover compensation after she sustained injuries whilst shopping in Tesco Superstore, Mansfield.

Mrs Boden was walking around the store, when suddenly, and without warning, a kettle type barbecue fell from a top shelf striking her right wrist. As a result of the accident, Mrs Boden sustained soft tissue injuries to her right wrist.

Whilst Tesco did not admit liability for this accident, a pre-medical evidence offer was made to settle the case and Mrs Boden was awarded £1,250 in compensation for the pain and suffering caused. 

Kay Bailey, the personal injury expert that worked on the case commented she was pleased with the overall outcome and that this was a positive result for the client.

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