Five Figure Payout For Lady Seriously Injured In Road Traffic Collision

Irwin Mitchell’s specialist road traffic accident team have helped a lady claim £45,000 in compensation after she suffered multiple serious injuries as a result of a road traffic collision.

Our client was returning home from holiday in a private car with her husband and two children when she suddenly saw a driver appear to faint over the steering wheel. The vehicle slowed but then seemed to increase speed before losing control and the collision occurring.
Our client was taken to hospital by ambulance and directed to the Intensive Care Unit. After a series of x-rays and scans, our client was advised she had suffered multiple fractures, punctured lungs, bearing to the kidneys and soft tissue injuries throughout her body. She also sustained intense bruising to the lower back and whiplash to the neck and shoulders.
After five days in the Intensive Care Unit she was then transferred to a High Dependency Unit where she stayed for a further five days on a high level of pain control.
Prior to the accident, our client attended the gym but was unable to do so following her accident.  She also suffered nightmares and flashbacks and had to invite her parents to come live with the family for four weeks to assist with day-to-day care and household chores.
In view of the Defendants’ denial of liability court proceedings were commenced, and with the help of Kerry Hadley, personal injury specialist based in our Sheffield offices, Irwin Mitchell were able to secure £45,000 for our client in an out of court settlement.

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