Delivery Driver Receives Compensation After A Fall When Making A Delivery

Irwin Mitchell’s lawyers recently helped a man to claim compensation after he was injured at work.
The man arrived at the delivery site and started to unload a bed from the van. He had been provided with a ramp by the home he was delivering the bed to. He then proceeded to transfer the bed from the back of the van to the floor using the ramp.  The ramp suddenly collapsed whilst he was guiding the bed down the ramp. As a result of the ramp collapsing our client was caused to fall.  
As a result of the accident the man sustained injury to his right shoulder requiring him to undergo physiotherapy.
Following the incident, he contacted Irwin Mitchell’s and one of our experienced solicitors was able to deal with the claim. Liability was admitted by the Defendant and with our assistance the man received £3,600 in compensation.

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