Compensation For Worker After Serious Hand Injury

Irwin Mitchell’s specialist Personal Injury team has assisted "Mr S" to obtain compensation after he suffered an accident at work sustaining a serious hand injury.

At the time of his accident our client worked as a Production Operative making windows and doors.  Our client was involved in an incident in which his right hand came into contact with a circular saw as a result of a machine malfunction.

As a result of the accident Mr S sustained a near complete detachment of the ring finger and a fractured middle finger. Although surgeons were able to reattach the severed finger, Mr S has been left with reduced grip strength and dexterity in his hand.

Liability was admitted and our client received £90,000 in compensation. This covered damages for his injuries, medical expenses, loss of earnings and the care and assistance he needed following the accident.

Lisa Fairclough, who represented Mr S in his claim, said:
“Mr S had a very nasty accident caused by a malfunction in the machine he was working with as well as poor systems of work. Although he has made a good recovery he continues to be affected by his injuries. I am pleased to have been able to help him recover the damages that will help him have financial security into the future”.


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