Staff Nurse Injured At Work Receives Compensation

Our accident at work team helped a woman to claim compensation after she was injured at work.
At the time of the accident, our client was employed as a staff nurse at a hospital.  In June 2007, while acting in the course of her employment, our client was engaged in turning and rolling a large male patient weighing about 230kg. She was part of a 6 person team moving the patient. The other 5 team members were nurses.

During the course of the manoeuvre, a male nurse suddenly, and without warning, let go of the patient and moved to assist with cleaning.  It was made known to the male nurse that our client was struggling to hold the patient. The male nurse forcefully pushed the patient’s back which created a shift in the patient’s bodyweight. As the patient’s weight was transferred our client, still holding the patient and bent over, felt a pain in her lower back.
Our client felt something snap in her lower back and shoulder area.  She attended the A&E department and has since received physiotherapy.  Our client has been unable to return to her role since the date of the accident.
Our client settled her claim out of court in the sum of £20,000.

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