Six Figure Sum For Woman Who Suffered Head Injuries In Road Traffic Collision

Six Figure Sum For Woman Who Suffered Head Injuries In Road Traffic Collision

The specialist Serious Injury team at Irwin Mitchell has assisted a woman, "H", to secure compensation after an accident on the M1 left her with a serious head injury.

H was travelling as a back seat passenger in a car on the M1. An HGV travelling behind the car collided with the rear of H’s car.

She suffered a closed head injury and temporary paralysis of her left arm. She underwent extensive treatment including cognitive behavioural therapy, acupuncture and medication, however unfortunately H continued to experience symptoms from the head injury, including headaches, anxiety, memory impairments and fatigue.

H returned to work on phased hours after a period off work. However, due to ongoing symptoms, she was unable to continue working in her pre-accident employment and on a full time basis. She therefore changed to part-time hours in a less demanding role but as a result her earnings reduced.

A claim was brought by H with the help of Cathryn Godfrey of Irwin Mitchell's Serious Injury Team in Leeds.

Cathryn was able to secure £300,000 in compensation for H. This included the lost earnings that H had incurred and future lost earnings.

Cathryn said, "sadly, despite extensive treatment, my client did not make a full recovery and has ongoing symptoms which will affect her on a permanent basis. The compensation received reflects the fact that my client has ongoing difficulties".

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