Man Receives £10,500 Compensation Following Dog Bite At Work

Our client Keith, who was 27 years old at the time, was bitten by a dog, owned by his employer whilst at his place of employment on 24 January 2011.  The dog was roaming freely about the premises and was not on a lead.  The dog approached Keith and as he bent down to stroke the dog, it jumped up and bit our client on his nose. 
Keith instructed Alicia Townsend from Irwin Mitchell Solicitors to represent the case against his employers.  Alicia contacted Keith’s employer on 24 March 2011 and they admitted liability shortly thereafter.
Medical evidence was obtained from a plastic surgeon which confirmed that Keith had suffered a dog bite injury to his nose resulting in part of his nostril being bitten off.  He was treated with a tissue replacement but this did not take fully.  Keith then had a further surgical procedure but was left with a residual deformity in that part of the nostril was missing and this would not improve in the future.

Keith’s compensation agreement was negotiated prior to court proceedings being issued, for the sum of £10,500 plus payment of his legal costs.

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