Lack Of Training Leads To Soft Tissue Injury For Woman

Irwin Mitchell’s specialist workplace accident team assisted a client who sustained an injury as a result of an accident at work in September 2010, when she was in the process of packing away a mobile visitors centre at the end of her working day. 
As our client exited the visitors centre, she stepped on a small set of steps and fell as a result of someone unclipping the steps and leaving them in a semi collapsed state.  This left our client with a soft tissue injury to her thigh and back.
It transpired that no training had been given to employees regarding the correct way to dismantle the mobile visitors centre.  Had such training been given, then accidents such as this could have been avoided
Liability was admitted by the woman’s employers and a positive outcome was achieved, with our client receiving £2,800 in settlement of her claim, as compensation for the injuries sustained.

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