Irwin Mitchell Secures Compensation For Woman Injured In Taxi Accident

Our road traffic accident lawyers helped a woman claim compensation after she was involved in an accident as a rear seat passenger in a taxi. 

Our client was with her partner and wearing a seatbelt.  As the taxi was stationary a vehicle hit them from behind. She was thrown forwards but made no contact with the seat in front as she was held by her seatbelt. Our client was pulled back into her seat, hitting the seat and headrest.
Our client suffered soft tissue strain injury to her right shoulder and neck and took anti-inflammatory medication. She also had difficulty cleaning and driving, as well as difficulty sleeping. She struggled to dress and undress, wash her hair and lift heavy objects with her right arm.  Performing heavier domestic duties were also difficult.
Our client was awarded £12,000 compensation in an out of Court settlement.

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