Widow Receives £125,000 In Mesothelioma Compensation

Our client's husband was sent to work at Carmarthen Bay and Bury Port power stations in the mid 1970's where his work involved removing asbestos boiler linings and fixing new asbestos panels to the ends of the boilers, before applying a concrete mix around the boilers.
He was directly exposed to asbestos during this process. He was additionally exposed to asbestos by laggers who were working close by and who were stripping asbestos insulation and applying new asbestos insulation on pipes and equipment in the power stations.
Our client's husband developed chest symptoms and, upon being referred to his local hospital, was told he had developed mesothelioma.
Sadly, he died a few months later, aged 57.

The company admitted that it was negligent and compensation was agreed at £125,000 in an out of court settlement.

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