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Settlement in Mesothelioma Case in Under Six Months

Ian Bailey, a partner in our Leeds office, successfully concluded a claim for a mesothelioma sufferer in under six months.

Our client was diagnosed with mesothelioma in April 2007. He had worked as a heating engineer for Winchester Heating Limited in the late 1960s and into the early 1970s and was exposed to asbestos dust.

Ian managed to trace the insurers of Mr A's employers within weeks, even though that company had gone out of business in the 1970s.

Within ten weeks of his diagnosis, Mr A had received an interim payment of almost £50,000.  Medical evidence obtained from an eminent chest physician stated that although Mr A was very well, his condition was likely, in due course, to deteriorate.

Ian negotiated with Mr A’s NHS Trust to ensure that new drugs would be available for Mr A in due course if they were needed.  Further negotiation with solicitors acting on behalf of Mr A’s former employer resulted in an early acceptance of responsibility.

A compensation payment of £250,000 was agreed in October 2007, less than six months after his diagnosis.

Ian said: "I was delighted to have concluded Mr A’s claim so quickly. Parliament is understandably very keen to ensure that compensation for victims of mesothelioma is paid quickly to get them the financial help they need when it is required.  At the time of his settlement, he was still well enough to continue working and had a very good quality of life despite his diagnosis. He and his wife now know that they are financially secure for the future.

"It is only through many years of experience of acting for victims of mesothelioma that such quick results can be achieved."

Our client, speaking at his home following the conclusion of his claim, said: "We have valued Ian's professional approach and also the way in which he explained the various points to us. To know that the matter was in safe hands has meant a great deal to us".

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