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Mesothelioma Victim Receives £218,900 Compensation

Our client secured an Engineering apprenticeship upon leaving school at the age of 16. It was his first job upon leaving school and in the course of his employment he was exposed to asbestos when preparing electrical fires which contained asbestos. Some years into his employment, our client was responsible for stripping many of the old electrical fires in storage and was exposed to asbestos found within the fires.

After developing mesothelioma at the age of only 49, our client came to us to seek legal advice after another firm of solicitors turned down his case because they were unable to identify where he was exposed to asbestos.

Through concerted investigations we successfully identified the source of exposure to asbestos and managed to trace several witnesses who were able to provide evidence in support of our client's case. An admission of liability was successfully secured shortly after receiving our client's instructions and the release of an interim payment to our client on account of damages in the sum of £50,000.

We were able to successfully settle the case in just over 12 months from the date of receiving initial instructions and without the need for a trial in the sum of £218,900.

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