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Mesothelioma Caused by Previous Asbestos Exposure

Our client is a retired 67 year old retired teacher. In 2003/4 she started to suffer from breathlessness. At the end of 2004 she went to her GP who diagnosed high blood pressure and a chest infection and she was treated with drugs. Unfortunately, our client's breathlessness did not improve and she was referred to hospital in August 2005 for an x-ray. The chest x-ray showed fluid on our client's lung and she was admitted to hospital. Investigations revealed that our client was suffering from mesothelioma.

She was told that her mesothelioma was probably related to previous asbestos exposure.

The only asbestos exposure our client recalled was when working as a teacher in Barrow in Furness and Nottinghamshire in the 1960s. our client had been a science teacher and had regularly handled large numbers of asbestos bench mats and used asbestos fume cupboards and display boards. She was also exposed when asbestos in the form of pipe lagging was uncovered in a school she taught at in the 1980s. A letter of claim was sent in December 2005.

Joint expert medical evidence was obtained and negotiations were entered into. In May 2007, our client's former employer admitted that it exposed her to asbestos and that that caused her mesothelioma.

An offer of £125,000 was made and a counter offer of £135,000 was made. The counter offer was finally accepted.

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