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Early Six Figure Settlement for Mesothelioma Sufferer

Our client was diagnosed with mesothelioma. He was unsure where he had been exposed to asbestos dust, but thought it must have been when he was working at the Shepcote Lane Steel Rolling Mills in Sheffield.

When going through his working history and discussing his work at the Steel Rolling Mills with one of our solicitors, he recalled the source of his asbestos exposure.

A claim was pursued against British Steel Corporation Limited and court proceedings were commenced in February 2006. The proceedings commenced in London where a judge, Master Whitaker, has a particular procedure for ensuring that mesothelioma claims are "fast tracked". This procedure assisted in securing an early settlement of our client's case whilst he was still well enough to enjoy some benefits from the compensation award.

Our client's claim was successfully concluded through an out of court settlement for £125,000.

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