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Compensation for Child Hit by Falling Mortar

The Public Liability Team in Sheffield has recently obtained compensation for a child who was struck by mortar whilst walking along the pavement in Sheffield.

The injury happened in August 2006 whilst our client, then aged 9 was walking along the pavement in Sheffield. Unfortunately, as our client was walking past an office block being re-developed by Quarmby construction Company Limited a piece of set mortar came from the building site, hitting our client on the left side of her head. It was alleged that the Defendant had failed to prevent the fall of the set mortar from the construction site.

Liability was admitted and a medical report was obtained in support of our client's injuries.

Unfortunately, our client suffered a laceration to the scalp which was cleaned and glued at Hospital. No time was lost from school as the incident occurred during the summer holidays. Our client suffered headaches for 3-4 days but the pain resolved after 2-3 weeks. Our client was left with a scar to the scalp.

Settlement was approved during an infant approval settlement hearing and the child was awarded £1,200 in compensation.

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