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Compensation For Asbestos Worker Not Provided With Mask

Lack Of Protective Equipment At Work

Our client was employed as heating engineer from 1956 until 1968 by Raines (H&V) Limited based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.  As part of his job, he was required to enter boiler houses of commercial premises in order to undertake servicing and repairs to boilers and pipework.

Even though asbestos had been acknowledged for many years as a danger where exposure was "substantial", our client removed asbestos from pipework using a crow bar. This created huge amounts of dust which he breathed in.  He was not provided with any type of mask.

Having moved to the coast upon retirement, our client was diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma. Until that point, he had been fit and had been the main carer for his wife.

Our client’s employer had gone out of business in the late 1970s, but within weeks, the insurer had been traced and the company was restored to the Register of Companies as is required.

Court proceedings were issued in January 2008 and the claim concluded for a substantial sum in March 2008. The funds awarded will provide some financial security for our client and his wife for the future.

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