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Child Road Accident Claim

Our client was 12 years old at the time of the road accident. She was attempting to cross a dual carriageway and alighted the school bus to cross the road. She went to the front of the bus and used the side of the bus as a kerb edge to look for traffic. She saw nothing coming and stepped out. She was hit by a transit van and suffered a severe fracture to her ankle. She was in hospital for 11 days and had a total of 4 operations.

Liability investigations were commenced and it was highly likely liability would be denied if the case went to trial but with perseverance and negotiation Claire Bracewell attained a 25% contributory negligence in favour of our client.

Our client's injuries were severe which, in the mid to long term, will cause her to suffer degenerative change. We therefore calculated future surgery costs, future loss of earnings and future care to ensure she is fully compensated.

The Court approved settlement in our client's favour. She received 25% of £47,320 in compensation. Claire Bracewell exceeded counsel’s valuation to secure an excellent result for the client.

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