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Armed Forces Compensation for Soldier Injury

Military road accident

We secured an out of Court settlement of £450,000 in armed forces compensation for an injured former Private serving in the Royal Green Jackets when he was injured in a road traffic accident in France.

He suffered a right sided brachial plexus injury and multiple fractures of the right arm, resulting in the loss of use of his right arm and hand. In addition the claimant suffered a head and scalp injury and various cuts and abrasions to his body when he was ejected from the vehicle at speed. Our client was medically discharged from the army as a result of the injury and has undergone a number of operations to attempt to regain some function of the hand.

At the time of the accident, our client was on a return journey from his base in Germany to the UK travelling through France where the accident occurred. Jurisdiction remained in issue until after Court proceedings were issued and served in the UK, and Germany where the car had been insured.

The award of compensation reflects damages for our client’s loss of military career, and his military pension and loss of other benefits associated with military service. It also reflects our client’s ongoing need for care, and future loss of earnings and his vulnerability in the civilian labour market.

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