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Accident at Work Leads to Permanent Injury

Fall at work

Our client had a clerical position at an insurance company in Manchester when the accident happened in May 2007.

After leaving the meeting room, she went to pull the door closed behind her. As she did so, the door handle and associated fittings came loose in her hand, causing her to fall backwards onto her left shoulder.

As a result of the fall, she sustained a nasty fracture to her upper arm and shoulder. Unfortunately this has healed in a slightly incorrect position which has resulted in restriction in her movement of the shoulder. As she has osteoporosis, there is no appropriate treatment to provide any improvement in her symptoms and, as a result, her symptoms are now permanent.

Whilst our client is able to undertake the majority of daily activities, she does require assistance with heavy lifting and certain tasks and there is also a small risk that her symptoms will deteriorate in the future.

As the door had been reported as faulty it is understood on at least 3 occasions earlier in the week of our client's accident, we were able to conclude liability on behalf of her employers at an early stage.

The claim was settled by Matthew Garson of Irwin Mitchell’s specialist accidents at work team.

He said, "This is a reasonable and just result for my client following a nasty injury. It is disappointing that the faulty door fittings were reported on several occasions before the accident and, had these been fixed by the employer, her accident could easily have been avoided."

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