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£355,000 For Victim Of Untraced Driver

A Berkshire woman was awarded £355,500 by the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB), following a crash on the M4 motorway.

The crash was caused by a driver who failed to stop at the scene and who could not subsequently be traced.

Stephen Nye, Associate solicitor at Irwin Mitchell in Birmingham handled the claim and commented: "Even though the driver at fault for the accident could not be traced, a claim against the MIB was possible , as they operate a scheme to deal with claims involving untraced drivers.

"Although the MIB initially rejected the claim, I was able to get that decision overturned on appeal.

"Victims of road crashes should be aware that they may have the right to make a claim , even if the responsible party cannot be found.

"My client achieved justice for what happened to her and is delighted with the settlement I was able to obtain, which will provide her with financial security in the future, her earning capacity having been reduced because of her injuries".

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