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£3.75m Compensation for Spinal Cord Injuries

Our client, who was 18 at the time, suffered severe spinal cord injuries and mild brain injury in a road traffic accident and been awarded £3.75m to provide care for the rest of his life.

Mohammed Usman Ditta, or Usman as he prefers to be called, was just 18 years old when he was a passenger in a car which lost control and collided with a wall and advertising hoarding.

Usman’s injuries included a complete spinal fracture dislocation at C3/4, a head injury, a contusion to his left lung and lacerations. As a result he has very little function in his upper limbs, with muscle power being restricted to his shoulders and biceps at the elbow. He has no lower limb function. He is a tetraplegic.

Usman was initially treated in intensive care following his accident but was soon transferred to a specialist spinal cord injuries unit. Just 7 months after the accident Usman was discharged home. Usman returned to live with his parents at their home where he also lived with his 2 brothers and sister.

His parent’s house was completely unsuitable for Usman and their living room became Usman’s only living space. It was clear that to help Usman progress with becoming independent at home, a new adapted property needed to be sought. We requested an interim payment which was agreed by the Defendants and as a result an alternative property near to his parents was purchased. The property was adapted to allow Usman to have full access to the house and all the amenities.

As a result of the compensation, Usman now has a full time care package in place which compliments the care that his family provide. Also an adapted vehicle and suitable wheelchair allows Usman the ability to go out with his family and friends.

Usman will be dependent upon the care of others for life, is wheelchair dependent and is permanently unfit for any work in the future.

John Davis who dealt with Usman’s case says "I have the most tremendous admiration for Usman. He has been through so much and has managed to put his life together in a very positive way. It was, and still is a pleasure to have known him".

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