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£15,000 Compensation For Electric Shock At Work

Our workplace injury solicitors secured a £15,000 compensation settlement for a man after he was injured by an electric shock at work.

Colin was injured in November 2007 whilst working in the facilities team at an architect firm's offices.

He was instructed to switch off a fan assisted radiator using a switch under a metal casing. Unknown to Colin, there were live terminals under the cover and as he moved his left hand it came into contact with a live terminal and he sustained an electric shock which caused him to grip a metal cover he was holding in his right hand so tightly that he sustained a laceration.

Colin sustained an electric shock and a laceration to his right thumb and palm which involved an injury to the nerve which required surgical repair and hand therapy.

He continues to have altered sensation in his thumb and a remaining scar.

The claim was settled by Louise Morgan of Irwin Mitchell's specialist Industrial Accident team after liability was admitted on behalf of Colin’s employers.

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