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Trustee Support And Training

Trustee Support And Training

A modern pension fund trustee operates against a background where the legal landscape changes every month, the trustee is expected to have higher and higher levels of understanding across a wide variety of areas including investment, administration, law and business acumen.

The pace of change seems to be increasing all the time, the Pensions Act 2004 and the Finance Act 2004 will both impose significant new duties and obligations on trustees and the way they administer their schemes.

Our approach in working with trustees is that we are here to support you to do your job as a trustee to the best of your ability. We know we can achieve this by using our experience as lawyers to delivery practical, straight forward, plain English advice on how to deal with the issues you may face.

We believe our skills lie in providing advice which protects the trustees but at the same time allows them to administer the trust in a commercial environment.

Some of our recent work with trustee clients includes:

  • Liaison with OPRA to obtain a Statutory Winding-up Order and provision of a new
  • Mirror Image Scheme
  • Public Sector Scheme merger
  • Introduction of a new DC section in an ongoing DB scheme
  • Setting up a number of corporate trustees