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Military Claims FAQs

Army, Royal Navy & RAF Claim FAQs

If you are a member of the Armed Forces and need personal injury advice following an accident, then please select a question from the list below. If you have a question that is not covered, drop us a line or request a call back below using the forms below.

Are you claims handlers or solicitors?

We are a firm of Solicitors with offices in Birmingham, Leeds, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield with a national reputation in the field of personal injury claims.

Our approach is based on our ability to work with people and in combining our legal expertise with a genuinely supportive approach. We have a dedicated team of solicitors who specialise in personal injury claims on behalf of members of the Army, Royal Navy and RAF.

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Do I have a compensation claim?

Each compensation claim on behalf of members of the Armed Forces is very different. Once you have made your online enquiry using the form at the bottom of this page, we will review the facts of your case and be able to advise whether or not you have a claim.
As a general rule if you have had an accident within the last three years that was not your fault, you could be entitled to compensation.

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Will I have to pay anything?

There are a number of different ways to fund your claim. Which funding option will depend upon the circumstance of your claim.

If you have suffered an accident on or off duty (i.e. Road Traffic Accident, Accident at Work or have a head or spinal injury) we will ensure that win or lose, you will not have to make any payment from your own pocket. If you win, your legal costs will be paid by your opponent. If you lose, your opponent's costs will be paid by insurance which we will take out at no cost to you and we will not charge you for our fees.

If you have suffered any other type of injury, such as clinical negligence, workplace injury or criminal injury, other types of funding are available. These include Conditional Fee Agreements, Private Funding, Legal Aid Funding, Trade Union Funding, and Legal Expenses Insurance.

We will provide free initial advice in relation to your claim and the range of funding options can be explained to you fully.

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How much is my case worth?

Compensation awards depend on how serious your injuries are and what other losses you have, for example lost earnings, pension and promotion. An individual valuation will be carried out when the medical evidence is obtained. We will help and assist you throughout this process.

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How long will it take?

It all depends on the type of accident and the extent of the injuries suffered. A personal injury claim against the MoD can take between 6 months to 2 years before a settlement maybe finalised.

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Will I get all of my compensation?

This is possible in nearly all cases we deal with and depends upon the funding option which has been agreed as the best for you.

For accident cases, provided you have signed the relevant paperwork and keep to its terms, we will aim to ensure that you receive 100% of the compensation awarded to you. Occasionally a client has to pay something from their damages, perhaps if they have not complied with the agreement.

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Do I have to visit you at the office?

We understand that members of the Army, Royal Navy and RAF are deployed on operations and serve all over the world. If you wish everything can be done by letter, telephone or via e-mail which eliminates the need for you to take time out to visit us at our offices. However, if you would like to have a meeting with us this is fine. If your claim is complicated then we may wish to meet you. If you have been seriously injured we will be happy to see you at home, at one of the dedicated MoD’s Hospital Units or at Headley Court’s Rehabilitation centre.

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Do I have to make a visit to my Medical Officer or GP?

If you have suffered injuries, no matter how small, it is worth visiting your Medical Officer or GP unless you have recovered fully. Your injuries and visit will be recorded on your medical records, which will be used as evidence.

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Am I able to claim out-of-pocket expenses?

In most cases yes. It makes it easier if you keep all your receipts. For example, taxi to hospital for an appointment - obtain a receipt from the taxi driver. A list of the money you spend and the reason would also help.

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I am frightened of making a claim against the MoD in case I lose my job

We are used to dealing with this type of situation and understand that this is a serious concern for members of the Armed Forces who sustain an injury following an accident at work. An employer is not allowed to sack you if you are injured in an accident at work.

We understand that there can sometimes be a culture in the MoD that is resistant to military personnel pursuing a claim for compensation following a military accident. You may have been told that you cannot bring a claim until you have left the Service. This is not correct. Please do not be misinformed about your legal rights and options and contact our Armed Forces Team as quickly as possible to get the right advice.

By law, the MoD has to have insurance to cover its employees for accidents at work. In reality, any personal injury claim for compensation against the MoD will be dealt with by the Royal Sun Alliance, the MoD’s insurance company, rather than by your Regiment or Unit.

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