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How To Take Photographs Of The Scene Of Your Accident

How To Take Photographs Of The Scene Of Your Accident

If your claim is as a result of a trip, slip or fall in a public place, in order for us to establish whether you have a claim, it is necessary that we obtain photographs of the area in which the accident took place.  Below are a few guidelines on how these photographs should be taken.

Please take photographs of the hazard/defect from the direction in which you were travelling at the time of your accident and identify this on the photograph with an arrow.

Place a tape measure or ruler in or against the hazard/defect at the point where you tripped, to illustrate the depth/height.  Please take a photograph with this in place, and ensure that the photograph is taken close enough so that the measurement can be read.  Also make a written note of the measurement.

Take photographs of the hazard/defect from:

  • Close range
  • A reasonable distance
  • Various angles

Also if possible, take photographs of the surrounding area to enable us to consider the general location of the accident.  Please make note of any distinguishing landmarks which will help to identify the location, for example, street names, streetlights, shops or house numbers.

If your accident involves a hole which is submerged with water, please attempt to take photographs of the hole once the water has dried out.

Please try to ensure that the photographs are as clear as possible, i.e. in focus, taken in daylight.

If the accident occurred at night it would be helpful also if photographs are taken in similar lighting conditions to those at the time of the accident.

Please label the photos on the back with the date they were taken and the name of the person who took the photos.