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Following Your Spinal Injury Claim

Following Your Spinal Injury Claim

Looking after your interests when the claim is over

For many who have been through the process of claiming compensation after a serious injury, the end of that process can seem a daunting and strange experience. At Irwin Mitchell we believe that it is a key part of our role to be able to offer ongoing services to help our clients adjust to life after the case is over. In many cases, we can provide this support well before a claim concludes so that our clients are ready for what lies ahead.

Financial advice

Whenever a client receives a substantial compensation payment it is important to obtain independent financial advice. We may need to advise upon whether to help claim for a “periodical payment”, which involves regular payments designed to cover the cost of what is needed, for example to replace lost earnings or meet the cost of domestic support.

Often, all or part of a settlement involves a lump sum payment of damages. In such cases, we emphasise the importance of securing good financial advice on how to invest those damages for the future. Our clients are always free to choose their own advisor, but for those who are interested we can offer the services of IM Asset Management Limited, to meet with our clients and discuss their needs with a view to preparing a report advising on an investment strategy. IM Asset Management Limited an also offer the service of managing a portfolio of investments.

Powers of attorney, trusts, wills and conveyancing

Irwin Mitchell offers a broad range of services which means that our clients can receive direct help with many other needs both during the claim and after the case has concluded.

We can provide specialist advice in personal injury trusts (also known as "special needs trusts") which help clients who receive means tested state benefits to retain those benefits after they receive damages.

In addition we specialise in drawing up more complex trust arrangements, drafting powers of attorney and wills, and arranging for property conveyancing. With all these services under "one roof" our clients benefit from close liaison that can take place between the different advisors. We also offer help with family disputes if relationships break down.