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Compensation And Valuing Damages For Spinal Injuries

Compensation And Valuing Damages For Spinal Injuries

Claim full spinal injury compensation

Placing a value on the damages which should be paid to a person who has suffered a spinal cord injury requires specialist expertise. At Irwin Mitchell, we have a sustained track record of representing clients with spinal cord injuries and have been at the forefront of ensuring that claimants receive full compensation when they are able to claim for their injuries.

Getting the right people

A person bringing a claim must show to the Court the extent of their injuries and their financial losses. Good medical evidence is vital to ensuring that the full extent of a spinal cord injury, and how it affects a person, can be understood by the Court.

At Irwin Mitchell we only use medical and other experts that have demonstrated a good understanding of the effects of a spinal cord injury. This often involves our clients attending assessments with neurologists, neurosurgeons, psychologists, and other experts in the field.  Using the right experts also extends to specialists in other areas which may be required, depending upon the needs and situation of the injured person: nursing care assessors, occupational therapists, architects and employment consultants are a few examples.

Proving the claim

At Irwin Mitchell we have long believed in the importance of gathering persuasive documentary and witness evidence to show the impact of a spinal cord injury on our clients’ lifestyle, family life, employment and recreation, as well as financial losses and expenses. We believe that the Court should be encouraged to see the effect that a serious injury can have on our clients’ quality of life. This can include bringing the evidence to life with videos, diaries, employment histories and photographic portfolios.

Calculating damages

Our clients benefit from the specialist expertise of our “special damages unit”. Special damages is the legal phrase used to refer to calculated financial loss. We employ a substantial team of people dedicated to working out such losses and preparing well presented documents (called “schedules of loss”) for the Court.

Depending entirely upon the nature of the injuries, the claimant and the claim, those might include:-

  • Loss of earnings or reduced earnings ability
  • Family care or paid care support
  • Therapies and rehabilitation costs
  • Aids and equipment
  • Increased household costs
  • Accommodation adaptations
  • Additional costs of sport and leisure activities
  • Extra cost of holidays

We will ensure that all proper elements of a claim are included in a schedule of loss for the Court.