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A Guide To The Tier 1 Visa

A Guide To The Tier 1 Visa

Highly skilled migrant visa

Several sub-categories make up Tier 1. These subcategories are:

  1. highly skilled individual;
  2. entrepreneur;
  3. investor; and
  4. post-graduate.

Highly skilled migrants who desire to come to the UK no longer have the option of applying for a visa under the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP). Instead, they can apply for a highly skilled migrant visa, which is a subcategory in Tier 1.

The criterion to obtain a visa in this subcategory is similar to the former HSMP. The applicant needs to accumulate seventy-five points from several categories. These categories are:

  1. age;
  2. qualifications;
  3. earnings;
  4. previous UK Experience; and
  5. English language.

Foreign nationals applying for a Tier 1 visa will not need a company to sponsor them for a visa. A Tier 1 visa applicant will have the ability to self-petition.

The English language requirement is crucial to the success of the application. An applicant failing to achieve the requisite amount of points in this category will be denied the visa regardless of the strength of the application.

Additionally, applicants will have to meet maintenance requirements.  The amount needed will depend on the number of applicants and whether the application is filed from England or outside England.

Why use a solicitor instead of doing it yourself?

A successful application is not just a correctly filled form. An application's success depends primarily on the supporting documents submitted with the application. Failing to submit the proper documents will result in unnecessary delay or an outright denial. A failed application may mean that the applicant has overstayed; therefore, prejudicing future immigration applications. Therefore, it is crucial that the applicant receives the correct advice and guidance on submitting the application.

An experienced solicitor will advise you on the documents that should be submitted with the application to increase the likelihood of its success. An experienced solicitor will know which documents increase the success rate.

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