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A Guide To The Post Study Work Visa

A Guide To The Post Study Work Visa

  1. What is the Post-Study Work (PSW) Visa?

    The Post-Study Work replaces the International Graduates Scheme (IGS) The PSW came into effect on 30 June 2008. It permits recent graduates to come to the UK or to remain in the UK to seek employment and gain experience. It is a point based system.

  2. What are the requirements?

    The applicant must gain seventy-five points.

    The applicant must have gained the qualifications within twelve months of applying, the applicant must intend to work while in the UK; and must intend to leave the UK upon the expiration of the visa.

    Also, the applicant must satisfy the English Language requirement and must meet the maintenance requirement

  3. How long is the PSW visa valid?

    The visa is valid for two years.

  4. Can I extend it?

    No, the PSW is granted one time for a period of two years.

  5. Does it count towards my settlement visa?

    No, the two years spent in the UK on a PSW visa does not count towards the settlement visa requirement.

  6. Why use a solicitor instead of doing it yourself?

    Successful visa applications are not just about submitting the appropriate form for the corresponding visa. Applications get approved on the supporting documents and evidence that are provided for each petition or application. Submissions that lack the appropriate documents will cause undue delay and possibly even result in denials. A denial will, more likely than not, require you to return to your native country. Although you are eligible to reapply, it will be more difficult because the maintenance will be 3 1/2 times greater.

  7. Why use Irwin Mitchell?

    Experienced lawyers at Irwin Mitchell will assist you in preparing the application and for the interview at the Embassy. As part of the service Irwin Mitchell will provide a Letter of Support that explains in detail why the application should be approved and the visa issued. The team at Irwin Mitchell will also prepare you for the interview by giving you mock interviews.

  8. Why use a solicitor instead of doing it yourself?

    A successful application is not just a correctly filled form. An application’s success depends primarily on the supporting documents submitted with the application. Failing to submit the proper documents will result in unnecessary delay or an outright denial. A failed application may mean that the applicant has overstayed; therefore, prejudicing future immigration applications. Therefore, it is crucial that the applicant receives the correct advice and guidance on submitting the application.

    An experienced solicitor will advise you on the documents that should be submitted with the application to increase the likelihood of its success. An experienced solicitor will know which documents increase the success rate.

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