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A Guide To Naturalisation

A Guide To Naturalisation

Naturalisation requirements

  1. What are the requirements to naturalise as a British Citizen? The legal are:
  2. Aged 18 or over when you apply
  3. Are of sound mind
  4. Intend to continue to live in the UK
  5. Can communicate in English to an acceptable degree
  6. Have sufficient knowledge about life in the UK
  7. Are of good character
  8. Have lived in the UK for a minimum of 5 years. Three years if you are applying on the basis of marriage or civil partnership
  9. Is there a Residential Qualifying Period?


  10. How many days am I allowed to be absent and still be eligible to apply for Naturalisation/British Citizenship?

    Normally, absences of up to 300 days are disregarded. Absences of less than 100 days in the final year of eligibility are disregarded. Absences of more than 100 days in the final year will need to meet additional criteria for them to be disregarded.

  11. How do I prove that I have sufficient knowledge about life in the UK?

    The best way to meet this requirement is by passing the Life in the UK test. Note, illiteracy does not exempt you from meeting this requirement.

  12. Do I need referees before the application is granted?

    Yes. Applicants will need two referees. One must belong to a professional body (e.g. Solicitor or Accountant). The referees will attest that you are a person of good character.

  13. How much is the application fee?

    Currently, the fee is £655.00 for one person and £735.00 for a joint application.

  14. Why use a solicitor instead of doing it yourself?

    A successful application is not just a correctly filled form. An application's success depends primarily on the supporting documents submitted with the application. Failing to submit the proper documents will result in unnecessary delay or an outright denial.

    A failed application may mean that the applicant has overstayed; therefore, prejudicing future immigration applications. Therefore, it is crucial that the applicant receives the correct advice and guidance on submitting the application.

  15. An experienced solicitor will advise you on the documents that should be submitted with the application to increase the likelihood of its success. An experienced solicitor will know which documents increase the success rate.

  16. Please contact our offices at 0370 1500 100 to discuss your matter with a member of the Immigration team.